Friday, June 1, 2012

Tales of the Naked Gnome: The Whiptail Prohibition (Part 2)

This is part two of "The Whiptail Prohibition". To read part one, click here.

.... and stood face to face with a Shadow Priest. She looked like a very good looking Draenei, if that's possible.

"So, I heard you were looking for some Whiptail?" she asked in a creepy voice. Flustered, the Naked Gnome said "Whiptail? Whaddya mean Whiptail? I don't have any of that! It's illegal!"

"Oh stop that 'Im so innocent' act. I know you had a large stockpile of Whiptail that miraculously disappeared, and out of nowhere now you're rich? I'm not an idiot. I have 10k+ intellect!"

"Keep your voice down!" the Naked Gnome exclaimed. "You trying to get me arrested?!?"

"Of course not. I'm TRYING to sell you some Whiptail, but if you're not interested...." As the shadow priest began to walk away, the Naked Gnome grabbed her ankle (He's short, remember?). "Wait! I can't just let a nice looking lady like yourself just walk away all angry and whatnot. What did you have in mind?"

"Well, I know a guy who's cousin's brother's wife knows a guy..." She started to say.

The naked gnome hastily interrupted, "I get it! Someone you know. Continue before I die of short age". The priest looked at him with distaste. "Ya know, you're not a very patient gnome."

"I've never been to a doctor in my whole life," the naked gnome said with a straight face. (Insert rim-shot)

With a hearty sigh, the priest continued,"I can get you the Whiptail for a small price plus the Middle-man fee. Deal?" The naked gnome had quite a choice to make. Either say no to this vuluptuous-looking shadow priest (who could be an undercover Guard), or say yes and embark on a risque business partnership.

"Do I have time to think about it?" said the naked gnome.

 "No," She said, "One time offer and it goes away in 20 seconds. Say yes and you can make enough gold to retire on the shores of Northrend. Or... say no and lose out on the biggest money-making oppourtunity of your life."

The naked gnome stood in quiet contemplation. He had already taken a big risk once and it made him a nice chunk of gold. He wasn't quite sure which decision to make.

"10 Seconds left. Make your choice fast, little gnome. My Arena queue just popped"

"Ok. I've decided." said the naked gnome, with a look of confidence. He appeared to be quite proud of the decision he was about to make.

"What's your answer?" the priest said hastily. Obviously she did not want to lose her queue. Maybe she was one win away from 1550 rating.

"I will say..."

To be Continued!

Question of the Day:
Have you ever went into business with a dedicated farmer? If so,  how did it turn out?

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  1. Well written! You've got skillz :) Keep it going!

    My answear: Yes. Everyone whos shuffeling ores/herbs did. Desn't matter if you are buying from ah, cod or trade. Dont fool yourself! How did it turn out? As always - profit.


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