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For-Profit Guilds: Dealing With Mergers and Maintenance

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I know that some people start a guild just to make gold from the "Cash Flow" Guild Perks or the Challenges the guild completes. This post is for those people, or anyone else who is thinking about starting a For-Profit Guild.

Mergers can bring in a large influx of active players. The logistics and constant activity are all you have to manage. If no one is doing stuff in the guild, then obviously you are not going to make anything.

Some guilds who are interested in merging will want to be placed in your current ranking system. Personally, only the people that you trust deeply should be officers. It's up to you what ranks you want to give all the different members that are coming in from a merger.

Once you complete a successful merger, you want to figure out what those people like to do for fun. Set up raids or dungeon grinds to keep the new members happy and content. If the merged guild had any raid leaders and they brought over most or all of a raid team(s), I would suggest you give them Repairs and Calendar Rights so they can continue to raid in their team. Let the Raid Leader set up all the logistics of the team. It will take away stress and responsibility away from you so you can pursue your other endeavors.

The best setup I can think of when maintaining a For-Profit Guild can be found below.

For-Profit Guild Maintenance

  • Make sure all ranks (except your lowest 2) have Daily Guild repair allowances - This will keep them happy and make your members feel like you care about them.
  • Hold Contests Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly - This will also let your members know that you care. If you host fun contests where the prizes at the end include gold or items, none of your members will think about Guild switching any time soon.
  • Put your Officers to Work - Make your officers be in charge of : Setting up Calendar Events, maintaining the Guild Bank, and supervising drama in Guild Chat. ALWAYS have them ask you if it's okay whether or not people can get promotions in the guild. You do not want everyone to be promoted to the highest rank possible overnight and have them suck up all the Guild Gold.
  • Always compare the Weekly Guild Cash Flow and the Total Guild Gold - This will tell you if the repairs are too high and need tweaking. On the reverse side, it will also let you know if it's safe to increase them a bit for some ranks, if you want to.
  • Check in on the guild DAILY - Since the release of what I like to call "Guild Stealing" it's always good to check in on the guild everyday on your GM toon. You also want to talk and interact with your officers and guild members. Build up a good reputation too. You don't want to be known as "The Mean and Greedy GM". It will negatively impact your Guild Profit.
  • Let everyone know they're in a For-Profit Guild - The last thing you need is your members leaving en-masse because you didn't tell them they're in a For-Profit Guild. Some people prefer not being in one, since the Guild Gold morally belongs to all. Keep in mind that, according to Blizzard, anything in the Guild Bank (Items or Gold) technically belongs to the GM.
That's all I can think of. Now anyone who reads this post should be able to start, setup, and maintain a For-Profit Guild. And be able to increase profit, by a large amount, with Guild Mergers.

Stop dilly dallying and go get your gold already!

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