Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Leveling Kits: A Beginner's Guide

I'm just getting into this market myself, and have seen a couple blogs write about it over the years. Time to put my own spin on it!

Profession Leveling Kits. You know they exist and you've seen them barked in Trade chat a few times. A leveling kit is a collection of items that will get one profession from level 1-525. My server hasn't seen much of these over the years, but I was recently asked if I could put one together. There are a few things you should know about this market before you get into it.

It is definitely a niche market. Most people will farm for the mats, buy them out of the AH, or ask friends and guildies for help. The people who mainly use these don't want to spend the time looking for a good guide and getting all the stuff together. I've come up with a few ways of getting the mats together, finding your buyers, and efficient methods for making the sale.

"You got the Stuff?"

Getting the items together for a leveling kit is the biggest step. How you do it depends on how much gold/time you're willing to spend. If you are low on the gold totem pole and you'd like to save on the making of the kit, then farming would be best for you. Just be sure you have a capped gathering profession lying in wait! This is also the most time consuming way, since you will be probably spending a good 4-8 hours gathering (Depends on the profession kit you're trying to make).

The other method is just buy them all! You can get mostly all of the mats needed from the Auction House, or you can bark in trade to try and get everything cheap. Ask yourself: How much gold am I wiling to invest? Don't forget to ask your friends if they have anything they can sell you too. Most friends will get mad if you start selling items you just bought from them at a discount, so be sure you let them know why you're asking and what it's for.

"WTS Kits! Buy Now!"

Finding your buyers is the biggest step. Barking in trade works well, as long as you don't overdo it! Remember, spammers get reported! The most simple mesage would be "WTS (profession) Leveling Kit! PST for more info" , but almost any message will work. I always suggest one bark about every five minutes or once every 15  Player chats. That way you don't risk spamming and you have a better opportunity of getting a new audience for every post!

Asking around in voice chat programs, in your guild, and on your friends list also works too. The broadcast for Read ID is a useful tool for announcing important messages to the world. You can also mention it in passing while in a Raid or Rated BG. "Some guy asked me to make a leveling kit for him yesterday. Now I sell them on the side. Btw, WTS blah blah blah"

Making the Sale

The actual negotiation is the biggest step. It takes some charm and finesse to negotiate a price on something this size. Just keep a few things in mind and you should be fine:
  • Figure out your total cost for all the mats'
  • Add the Labor cost
  • Add some extra on top for negotiating "wiggle room"
  • Figure out the best way to do the sale once it's set in stone

Labor cost is how much you're willing to charge for your time spent making the kit. The extra gold on top could be 1-2k, depending on your server and how much negotiating power you wanna have in your starting price.

Once the sale is confirmed and the price is set, it's time to do the item transfer. I've come up with a few ways this can be done, but it depends on what you're most comfortable with.
  1. Make a new guild, buy 1-2 tabs, load it up and sell the guild
  2. Get the Total Gold Price first, and then trade or mail them all the mats
  3. COD
COD is definitely going to be the most preferred way buyers will want to buy, but it's also the most risky. It involves a lot of mathematics and you have to trust that your buyer will eventually buy all the items you sent.

You can also make a little extra cash by offering to write up a directions list and mail it to them! It's up to you on whether or not you want to charge for this service. I would suggest 500g or more since it will probably be 3-6 in-game letters.

Technically all of the steps are the biggest step. They are all important in constructing the leveling kit, finding the buyers, and negotiating the sale. Feel free to let me know if you guys get big in the leveling kit market!

That's all she wrote!

Don't forget to write a comment below if you feel like I missed something. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. You can now find me on Twitter! @NakedGnomeofSW

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