Monday, May 14, 2012

Leave Trade Chat for Trade: Say No To Trolls!

Recently on my server there has been an increase in Troll activity in Trade Chat. There's nothing wrong with wanting to troll (other than the fact that it's mean), but I've noticed this kind of trolling happening a lot lately.
  • [Player]: WTS Maelstrom Crystals! 200g each. PST for more info
  • [Troll 1]: wts Maelstrom Crystal. 199g 99s 99c
  • [Troll 2]: wts Maelstrom Crystal. 198g 99s 99c
  • [Player]: WTS Maelstrom Crystals! 190g each. PST for more info
  • [Troll 3]: WTS Maelstroms! 189g each
  • [Troll 4]: wts Mallies. 1g
  • Etcetera
Granted, World of Warcraft has had trolls since it came out in 2004. They have gone from Trade Chat to Barrens and back. I guess it's okay to log into an MMORPG and have fun pissing people off if that's what you want to do, but I'm pretty sure 8 years of constantly having to ignore people is a bit much. That's why I came up with a very good idea!

(Horrible editing done by The Naked Gnome)

Since Blizzard did a good thing and implemented a new reporting system, it has been too easy to send in baby tickets. I'm pretty sure everyone would agree with adding a "Trolling" button to the Right Click - Report Player thingy. That way we can effectively get these Trolls out of Trade Chat once and for all! They can set it up like this: Once a Troll is reported 3 or more times, they get their Trade Chat logs reviewed. If they are indeed trolling hardcore, then their ACCOUNT is Banned from Trade Chat for a day. On the next offense it could be a 3 day ban. Then a Permanent ban from Trade.

Since they are currently developing an Account-Wide Achievement and Pets/Mounts System, it shouldn't be that hard to throw this in. If you believe this is a good system to have, please don't hesitate to contact your local WoW Game Master, post something on the WoW Forums (with this linked,  hopefully!), or post a comment below. I bet if enough people agreed with this article, Blizzard would notice and see if it's a doable thing! 

Gamers Unite!


  1. I think you're taking this too seriously.

  2. Naked Gnome - Troll activity all depends on what server you play on. When it affects too many people on the server and their gameplay experience, trolling is considered a form of harassment. Since there's no option for harassment on the Right Click - Report Player system , a Trolling option would be the best logical choice. In my opinion. Harassment reports must be submitted through tickets, but it's mainly for specific harassment directed towards one player. Trolling affects all.

    I appreciate your opinion, Handera. And thank you for commenting!


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